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Scheduled Portable Repeater Operations for Arizona

Date Opt Freq Input freq Portable Location Repeater
Contact Person Evening Phone Day Phone
05/14/2005 145.170 144.570 SWof Prescott near Thumb Butte W7ARA Tom Sharp 602-569-6512 602-569-6512

Please contact the appropriate coordinator as far in advance as possible to get your portable operation on the schedule. 

Arizona Repeater Owners Policy on Backyard Repeaters Updated to Include Portable Operation

The coordinators have received a number of requests from clubs for "portable" coordinations to support public service and disaster communications. By definition, a coordination is to a fixed location, so coordination of a portable repeater is not possible. There are already several repeaters operating on the "backyard" pairs that get used away from their coordinated locations (portable). These additions to the existing description of "Backyard" operations will clarify such portable operation and provide a way for the operators to "coordinate" those operations to minimize interference.

Additions to the original 1985 policy are highlighted

The pairs 145.17/144.57, 145.19/144.59, 145.21/144.61 and 145.23/144.63 were designated as "Backyard" pairs by the repeater owners in Arizona in 1985. Portable operation was added in 2002. These pairs are intended for shared, local and portable operations. Some overlap is expected. Use of PL is mandatory. Operators agree to accept co-channel occupation and act to prevent inadvertent access by co-channel users. They are responsible for "PL" tone frequency coordination, but need to advise the coordinator of their choice. They agree not to operate in "beacon" mode, or intertie to other amateur frequencies that might monopolize the "channel". ERP is limited to a max of 100w with an antenna not to exceed 100 ft AGL and AAT except that portable operation is limited to 10w transmitter power opt. Repeaters must be on the air at their coordinated location when not deployed for portable use. To minimize conflicts and interference, the repeater owner must check the "Portable Ops" page at before scheduling portable operations, and notify the coordinator as far in advance as possible so his/her operations can be added to the schedule. The schedule will include the date/time of portable operation, contact numbers and Email addresses so the owners can communicate any problems or concerns with each other.

071802 Backyard-Portable-Pol

Policy voted on at Ft Tuthill Repeater Owners Meeting
7/27/02. Passed with 100% "yes" vote.