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Band Listings sorted by Frequency

Six Meters
Two Meters
1.25 Meters
70 cm
33 cm
23 cm

Band Listings sorted by Location

Six Meters
Two Meters
1.25 Meters
70 cm
33 cm
23 cm

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Arizona Repeater Owners Frequency Coordination Committee
Repeater Listings
Note: There are now two listings for each band sorted by either location or frequency.

The FREQUENCY COORDINATION COMMITTEE of ARCA has assembled these repeater listings in an effort to facilitate the amicable sharing of scarce radio spectrum. This information is to be used for reference purposes only and does not in any manner indicate that the frequency coordinator has assigned any particular frequency to any particular user, nor can any coordinator bear any responsibility for the accuracy or currency of this listing. The listing is maintained to the best of the ability of the Coordination Committee but is dependent for its accuracy and currency by the voluntary participation of the users. If any errors are noted, Please notify the coordinator of the band in writing so that corrections can be made.


Note: Not all coordinated frequencies are listed on this web page. There are many coordinated control channels, point-to-point links and packet links that are NOT listed. DO NOT assume a frequency is vacant if it is not listed. When operating simplex, especially above 222 MHz, please use the designated simplex frequencies.

Type Codes
O = open
C = closed or private
A = autopatch
CA = closed autopatch
PL = Subaudible Tone Access
P = packet
E = emergency power
L = Linked to another radio or radios. File one application for each transmitter.
R = races or similar
RM = Remote Base
TV = television
LINK = A point to point link

Listings prefaced with a * are pending coordinations.